Campagnes Marketing Hybrides

Optimize each step of your funnel

Capture the attention of your prospects and customers with pleasant surprises that land right on their desks.
Well-targeted, they move your leads through your sales tunnel faster, and make your brand image shine.

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Why switch to hybrid marketing?

Boost the engagement
of your customers

Encourage them to use your product to its full potential through gamification. They won’t be able to live without it!

Increase conversion rates


Create an exceptional “Prospect Experience” to make them want to become customers as soon as possible!

Turn your leads into ambassadors

Engage your prospects in a unique brand experience, of which they will become the first promoters.

Create a strong brand

Make your brand shine by encouraging your customers to share their experience! Others will want to join you.

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Become the king of ROI with us

With the JeudiMerci API, each gift sent is tracked in your CRM. You can measure the ROI of each of your hybrid campaigns, and optimize them based on reliable data.

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Your shipments on autopilot

Send a welcome pack to each new customer, or a small gift for the anniversary of each contract?

It has never been so easy: JeudiMerci triggers these mailings automatically, according to the rules you define.

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No address, no problem

The recipient’s email address is enough!
Our unaddressed delivery system takes care of the rest.

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Our favorite use cases 😍

Welcome your new customers

Make up with a customer on the leave

Increase your renewal rates

Increase the impact of your white papers

Create the best “Ice breakers” 

Compensating for a disappointing experience

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Ready to integrate hybrid campaigns into your business strategy?

Whether you are a startup looking to make a name for yourself or a large company looking to retain existing customers, JeudiMerci is the Direct Mail service you need!