The best alternative to Sendoso in Europe

Automating the sending of small attentions to your key contacts is effective, no doubt about it.
But if your contacts are in Europe, there are many specificities to take into account. Choose an adapted tool!


JeudiMerci, the best alternative to Sendoso
to automate the sending of objects to your key contacts.


Define rules that will automatically trigger mailings, to enrich and personalize the customer journey.

For example: when a new customer joins you, automatically send the welcome box!


Analyze the performance of each of your campaigns in detail, and increase the impact of each mailing by sending automated follow-ups.


Make your brand shine, by engaging your recipients in an on/offline experience with your colors.

Custom cards, personalized boxes, personalized products… everything is possible! 


Send postcards, documents or personalized items with a few clicks. JeudiMerci prepares and ships every package, anywhere in the world.

Comme eux, améliorez vos relations avec vos clients, prospects, partenaires et employés.

JeudiMerci vs. Sendoso

Compare the features and rates
of JeudiMerci and Sendoso



Marketplace of made in Europe gifts
Marketplace of customizable objects
Stock transfer
Custom-made products
Virtual gift cards
Grouped shipments
Gift Links
Unaddressed delivery
Zapier App
Native integrations (Salesforce, Hubspot,…)
Custom packaging
Order tracking
Monitoring platform
CRM Integration
Delivery notifications on Slack
Freemium plan
Monthly subscription From 500€/month From 1400€/month
Delivery in Europe From 4,90€/package From 29€/package



Discover all our features

Designed for the European market

Unlike Sendoso, JeudiMerci has been designed for the European market:

  • The selection of items offered in the catalog reflects the expectations of consumers: local, eco-responsible, beautiful and useful products.
  • The JeudiMerci team knows the offline tactics that work with European recipients, and helps you make the right choices.
  • As our logistics centers are located in France, delivery costs are optimized for deliveries in Europe: this allows you to save money on each package sent.

Perfect for getting started

JeudiMerci offers a Starter plan, to test hybrid marketing and verify that it is suitable for your business before investing more than 15,000€ per year in a sending platform with advanced features.

This Starter plan is subscription-free: you only pay for the mailings you send.

And when you’re ready to move up a gear, the JeudiMerci team is there to help you optimize each of your hybrid campaigns and turn them into a real growth lever.

    Ready to integrate hybrid campaigns into your business strategy?

    Whether you are a startup looking to make a name for yourself or a large company looking to retain existing customers, JeudiMerci is the hybrid marketing service you need!