How does it work ?

JeudiMerci is a gifting platform that allows you to manage all of your gifts, boxes and other items. Whether you want to send a small gift or organize a large campaign of automated mailings, everything happens in one place.

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A simple and intuitive platform to manage all your sends


Define rules that will automatically trigger mailings, to enrich and personalize the customer journey.

For example: when you sign up a new customer, automatically send him the welcome box!

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Analyze the performance of each of your campaigns in detail, and increase the impact of each mailing by sending automated follow-ups.

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Increase your revenue per customer by enriching and personalizing their experience.


Make your brand shine, by engaging your recipients in an on/offline experience with your own colors.

Custom cards, personalized boxes, personalized products… everything is possible! 

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Send postcards, documents or personalized items with a few clicks. JeudiMerci prepares and ships every package, anywhere in the world.

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Our customers

They have already adopted Jeudimerci to delight their customers and teams

Our experts are at your service 

Around this platform, and according to your needs, our team of experts can assist you in the design and implementation of your Direct Mail campaigns.

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“Hybrid” Marketing Strategy

Our team of experts will be happy to help you define your strategy: how to identify the right moments, or the right recipients? What performance indicators should I follow? How to automate my campaigns?

Merch design & production

Depending on your choice of boxes and personalization, the JeudiMerci team can also adapt the supply chain to your needs: sourcing, purchasing, outsourced inventory management, etc.

Ready to integrate hybrid campaigns into your business strategy?

Whether you are a startup looking to make a name for yourself or a large company looking to retain existing customers, JeudiMerci is the hybrid marketing service you need!