No address ? No problem !

Address verification

You are not sure of the postal addresses indicated in your CRM? Your contacts are working from home?

Your gifts will still arrive safely: with unaddressed delivery, your recipient chooses where he/she wants to be delivered.

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Deliver to the right place,
every time

Your recipients choose their own delivery address: you have no chance to make a mistake.

How do we contact
your recipients?

Your recipients receive an email with your colors, explaining why they will receive a surprise. This email allows them to indicate their delivery address.

100% Confidential

The delivery address chosen by your recipients remains completely confidential.

What if a recipient
does not respond?

If your recipients don’t respond to this request, you can follow up directly, thanks to a link provided.

The key to optimizing your response rates? Personalize and contextualize your address requests.

Ready to integrate hybrid campaigns into your business strategy?

Whether you are a startup looking to make a name for yourself or a large company looking to retain existing customers, JeudiMerci is the Direct Mail service you need!